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Bona fides

Bona Fides is a non-profit organization that has been active for over 15 years mainly in Katowice, but it also carries out its activities in other parts of Silesia and Poland.They work mainly to build and support groups of inhabitants and local leaders, teaching local officers on how to conduct an open and effective dialogue with the inhabitants and non-profit organisations, and enabling European mobility of young people through the Erasmus+ program, giving them new experiences and skills through volunteering.

" We encourage personal development through involvement of volunteers in activities conducted in BonaFides "

Bona Fides´ goals

They believe that Polish villages, country towns and cities should be pleasant places to live in, and open to the needs of their inhabitants.

To accomplish this, the involvement of individuals in activities in the local 
surroundings is important as well as the presence of reliable authorities who act in an open and transparent way and consider the voice of their inhabitants in the decision-making process.


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