Katowice is a booming metropolis in the Southern part of Poland. If you are not polish, you might not heard of Katowice before. More often, you have only know Kraków and Warsaw.

 For these are two major cities that is popular among tourist. You might often heard from polish “Why Katowice? There is nothing much for you to do here, this is such an ugly industrial city”.  Well, close your ears, but open your eyes as you explore Katowice as you go along the city either by food, bike, public bus, tramway and car.

Katowice. "City of music" - UNESCO

Katowice is considered as UNESCO city of music since 2015. That attracts tourist to come to the city and experience its vibrant concerts especially its Jazz culture and festivals. In fact, the city host annual Jazz festivals like the Rawa Blues Festival, Silesian Jazz, OFF and Tauron Festivals that livens the city and adds the city´s economy around 2.7 million euros annually (https://citiesofmusic.net/city/katowice/)

Festivals, concerts and much more in Katowice

If you are an avid lover of architectures and old building,  stepping into Katowice for the very first time, you would for sure get interested, and marvel your eyes among its neo-classicism, modernism and eclecticism type of architectures. To give you an example, Nikiszowiec, Bogucice and Giszowiec are one of those architectures which has a unique characteristics and bounded with great history and culture.  These three districts are interesting to visit.  Having a cup of coffee among one of those old bakeshops and walking among it´s buildings, will surely takes you back to 19th century. The Arch Cathedral of Christ the King and the former Silesian Parliament are also one of the historic architectures that should never missed visiting. 

In addition, you not to be missed one of the famous landmark in Katowice, Spodek -which means mini saucer in Polish. Its saucer- UFO like design it is already quite an attraction. So, taking a selfie as Spodek as our background would surely gives you many like and ticked one bucket list while exploring Poland´s landmarks.  Besides Spodek, is the International Conference Center – the biggest conference center in Poland. It is unique architecture and design is also an added attraction.  It is designed like going up and under a mine.  Adjacent to the Congress Center is the Polish National Radio Symphotic  Orchestra (NOSPR), where concerts are being held. 

What else to do in Katowice? 

Explore the Market Square where you can see other old architectures, the old Silesian Theatre and  festive food trucks events, beer festivals while enjoying the
artifical river under a Palm tree taken from a nearby city of Gliwice. The city has tranformed and invested a lot to make this market square truly alive to attract locals and tourists alike. It is even still so festive to look at city square even in the tip of winter. 

There is much things to do and explore Katowice. The huge luscious green Silesian Park  is also a wonderful place to visit during the summer months. A walk in this huge park would such a wonderful relief from this busy metropolis. There is a Zoological Garden, Scansen – Ethnographic Museum, Planetarium, Football Stadium where we hold our annual Football matches of the foundation and other fascinating attraction for all ages. The live concerts being held there during the summer is also a wonderful bonus to this area and the Legendia Themed Amusement Park is quiet an attraction to the city for family with children and children at heart. The city is indeed a friendly city where it is easy to navigate. 

Katowice have grown from a well known industrial city, to a city of diverse lively rich culture. To a now,  its Industrial tourism, where they showcase its history and what it is actually known for. For more information and guided Katowice city guide, please visit: Tourism Information Centre run by Department of Katowice City Hall 

Tourist Information Centre 
Rynek 13, 40-098 Katowice, 
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 9.00 – 19.00, Saturday 9.00 – 17.00
Sunday (during summer holidays) 09.00 – 13.00
Phone: (+48 32) 259 38 08 
Phone/fax (+48 32) 259 33 69 
E-mail: it@katowice.eu



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