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Who We Are?

If you want practical information on how to start in this beautiful city, where to eat, what plan to do on this vacation, shall I buy a sim card? and more things of your interest, this is your foundation! Katowice Foundation. Well, everything you need to know to start your life here, starts with us. We also have the support of companies with values such as ESAA, Save the Dream and Garag Erasmus 


The process of adapting to a new city is not easy for everyone, there are many questions regarding plans, procedures, etc. For that reason Katowice is born, to make your life easier, because we want to inform you of everything you need to enjoy a good holiday or be your companion in this new stay during all the time in this beautiful city. Our goal is to be your guide, your support.

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People of different nationalities united by the magic of this city, Katowice

People with illusions willing to help you


Marco Cillepi

Founder - CEO


Raúl Moreno

Web designer

Roger Mena

Web designer

Aileen Di

Volunteer fotographer

Alina Nosa

Volunteer editor

Jose Pérez

Volunteer editor

Lorena Armijo

Volunteer editor