This foundation was born on 4 October 2012 with the mission of helping people who had an international study or work experiences and allow them to get opportunities in order to make their careers more positives for the European community.

GaragErasmus put in contact demand and offer of international jobs, supporting the creation of new start-ups and pushing diverse social initiatives.

The aim of this foundation is building the first Erasmus Generation professional network. They create a meeting space internationally talent people, local authorities, companies and universities to make grow Europe.

"GaragErasmus put in contact demand and offer of international jobs"

They started with the online platform that matches the Erasmus Generation with jobs, allows individuals to start new projects and join existing ones, and publish events. It is co-founder of the Erasmus Students and Alumni Alliance (ESAA) and it coordinates its activities with the EuropeanCommission.

The Foundation has local approach, setting delegations throughout Europe in several cities. These chapters are named gE4city and organize locally.

The gE4s organize events in every city, large meetups, contacting former Erasmus with the local business community, recruitment companies, in face-to-face meetings along of all Europe.

In a specific city or region, it can be created a gE4 within the framework of an existing association that is active within its and takes its name from its host city, for instance: garagErasmus4Katowice.

The gE4 will be responsible for the set-up of its network and for the organization of its activities: the more its members commit to, the more they benefit. The Foundation helps to get the local association started and connects it to the wider national and European level.

GaragErasmus has all of these chapters:

• gE4Ancona
• gE4Athens 
• gE4Bologna 
• gE4Brussels 
• gE4Bucharest
• gE4Istanbul
• gE4Katowice 
• gE4Lisbon
• gE4Malaga 
• gE4Malta 
• gE4Milano& Lombardia
• gE4Pisa

• gE4Prague
• gE4Torino
• gE4Tours
• gE4Valencia 
• gE4Varna 
• gE4Yerevan 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “The First Meeting of the gE4s in Pisa: October 16th – 17th 2014”

The garagErasmus is one of the founders of the ESAA: Erasmus Students and Alumni Alliance, the firstattempt of the European Commission to establish a platform that brings together the main players of the before, during and after of the Erasmus Programme.

Who can create a gE4? All members of the Erasmus Generation and all those who had a significant study experience abroad also. You can build a professional network in your City with garagErasmus! If you are interested in affiliating your association to garagErasmus and establish a local gE referral point, contact us on info@garagerasmus.org. And if you prefer to collaborate as a volunteer you can also become a gEvolunteer.


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