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GaragErasmus was born on 4 October 2012 with the mission of helping people who had an international study or work experiences and allow them to get opportunities in order to make their careers more positives for the European community.

It has put in contact demand and offer of international jobs, supporting the creation of new start-ups and pushing diverse social initiatives.

It is among the founders of the Erasmus Students and Alumni Alliance (ESAA), the first attempt of the European Commission to establish a platform that brings together the main players of the before, during and after of the Erasmus Programme.

"GaragErasmus put in contact demand and offer of international jobs"

GaragErasmus is a professional network of the Erasmus Generation that aims to support the shaping of better-integrated Europe. Its mission is to improve the lives of people who had an international study or work experiences by enabling them to access opportunities that can make their careers more impactful for the European community. It pursues its mission through matching demand and offer of international jobs, fostering social initiatives and helping the creation of new start-ups.
It has local chapters throughout Europe and beyond, the gE4Cities, which organise local activities that follow the mission and guidelines established by the foundation.

The gE4s (or gE4Cities) are volunteer groups and represent the Erasmus Generation professional network on the local level – in their city. They act independently within the framework of a general agreement with the Foundation. This means that on the local level –in their city– the gE4 will be responsible for the set-up of their network and for the organisation of their activities: the more their members are commited, the more they benefit. The Foundation helps them to get the local association started and connects them to the wider national and european level. The most important step for any gE4 is to create a link with the local municipality and similar partners, which allows to organise a Meet-up with participants from all over Europe.

GaragErasmus has all of these chapters:
• gE4Ancona • gE4Athens
• gE4Bologna • gE4Brussels
• gE4Bucharest • gE4Istanbul
• gE4Silesia • gE4Lisbon  
• gE4Malta • gE4Milano& Lombardia
• gE4Pisa
• gE4Prague
• gE4Torino • gE4Malaga
• gE4Tours • gE4Valencia
• gE4Varna • gE4Yerevan 




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