Katowice Internationals Foundation

Tennis and Padel Courts

Tennis and padel are one of the new additions to our community portfolio, bringing together many new players and amateurs for friendly matches in Katowice and surroundings. Whether you’re looking to practice with your friends or want to know more players and courts, here are some tips and locations to fulfill your tennis and padel needs!  Check out our Facebook group and join our community: Tennis/Squash/Padel – Katowice Internationals.

ORW Zadole - MOSiR Katowice

“We are a budget unit belonging to the self-government of the capital of the Silesian Voivodeship established in 1978. Our task is to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle, and to maintain over 30 sports facilities throughout Katowice.”

Website: https://www.mosir.katowice.pl/orw-zadole


MOSiR Pszczelnik

“The Pszczelnik Sports Complex is located in the heart of the beautiful Pszczelnik Park, close to the center of Siemianowice Śląskie. It consists of courts, multipurpose courts, ice rinks, tennis courts, open pools, sports halls, beach volleyball courts and more.”

Website: http://www.mosir.siemianowice.pl/

Korty Tenisowe Muchowiec

“Muchowiec tennis courts are definitely one of the most beautiful tennis centers in Poland. It is located near the center of Katowice in the picturesque Valley of the Three Ponds. The safe, green surroundings make the Park a perfect place to develop tennis passion and cultivate a healthy lifestyle by whole families. In an attractive location, we create professional conditions for effective training. The offer of our center is addressed to people of all ages who want to take care of their physical condition and well-being, and who want to try their hand at being professionals.”

Website: https://www.muchowiec.pl/

Bażantowo Sport

The complex of the Bażantowo housing estate, 10 km from the city center, on the border of the southern districts of Katowice between Piotrowice and Podlesie, was designed as a housing complex with modern accompanying infrastructure playing a center-forming role for the surrounding areas, thus satisfying the expectations of demanding customers.

Website: https://bazantowo.pl/