ESAA is an association that is composed of four associations: the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA), Erasmus Student Network (ESN), garagErasmus (gE) and OCEANS Network. This association seeks to improve cooperation between Erasmus + students and alumni. 

To do this, it organizes activities focused on strengthening these networks, including professional development and intercultural learning. It also promotes Higher Education in Europe and global alliances.

Thanks to associations such as ESAA, many young people manage to have the Erasmus experience, as they promote higher education and promote mobility as the best way to face a career.

 This promotion is carried out through former Erasmus
students, who facilitate the steps to follow and advise on all the important points.

" ESAA offers you a great opportunity if you want to make your own event"

One of these programs is the “Erasmusdays” program where you will have the
portunity to get to know first-hand the experiences and advice of people who have
already done an Erasmus. These former Erasmus students will be happy to advise
you. The advantage of this event is that you can receive it in many countries; more
concretely in 39 countries. 

In 2018 It has been realized 1435 events, and this only
grows! If you click on the map of the website, you can see the events of your city.
Not only do they offer indicative chat about Erasmus, there are very varied activities.
They organize concerts, exhibitions, competitions, seminars, network of partners,
open days, digital events, among others.

ESAA offers you a great opportunity if you want to make your own event, because they offer support and advice. Whether you are an Erasmus student or an
entrepreneur with enthusiasm, this is your association!

If you are a member of ESAA, you will have the opportunity to continue training, to offer a better user experience. An example of this is the training that the ESAA team has received in the training with UI, organized by ESN “to build capacity in the field of user experience and user interface design and support local NGO initiatives international ”.

With ESAA it is a very good opportunity to meet new people, get interpersonal experiences and become another testimony and allow this experience to change your life; Will not leave you indifferent. You can get new friends, learn a lot and who knows, meet someone special.

The work carried out by The (Erasmus +) Promotion Working Group, which is the main coordinating center of the Erasmus + program within ESAA, is worth mentioning. He is responsible for evaluating and coordinating Erasmus + promotion events worldwide, through a specialized grant system and offers support to applicants.

You can join ESAA by participating in any of the 4 groups that make up the association. Choose the theme you like best and send the application, it´S simple. For more information, you can ask any question and you will be one step closer to being part of this team.


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