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There are no more excuses for not being connected

New number in Poland

Phone connection helps us to do a lot of things in our life; business issues or private matters, all are solved with the help of a phone. However, when moving to another country it might be very difficult to choose a mobile operator.
With this article we will facilitate this arduous task and expose the most striking and practical offers for you.

It could be great to follow this path:
● CHOOSING A PROVIDER: choose a provider from the top Network providers according to your preference. All the providers offer similar tariffs. You can even check it at the store when you buy it (behind the package).
● WHERE TO BUY? You can buy a sim card in most of the supermarkets like Zabkra, Biedronka Kiosk Ruch, Gas Stations and , of course, in official company stores.
● PROOF TO CARRY: There is not much of complications to buy sim cards in Poland, you just need to provide your national ID or Passport.
● ACTIVATION: After buying the sim card and paying for it, ask the seller to activate your sim card and make sure it is activated, it will take less than an hour.
● TARIFFS: After the activation you can download the specific provider’s application and buy your monthly packs. Usually, you also get certain limits for calls and Internet according to the providers.

What operator do I choose?

Poland offers the possibility to choose different choices while buying a SIM card.
You can choose between: Orange, Play, Plus Telekom, T-mobile and a lot more. These ones are optimal for travellers who stay in Poland for a short-term.

All these providers have extended 4G networks to use your sim card while traveling in Poland and with also 5G networking in few.

It very easy to buy a sim card! Before starting, it’s worth to note that, when buying a sim, you buy a basic tariff called “starter.” These starters are almost similar from each mobile operator.

Here you are some profitable packages, which will help you to save your money:


An Orange sim card is free if you get one of the following Pay as you Go data packages including unlimited calls/text in Poland and Europe.

Orange provider offers:

  • 25 ZL ($6,70) = 15 GB data
  • 30 ZL ($8,00) = 30 GB data
  • 50 ZL ($13,40) = 50 GB data
  • 80 ZL ($21,40) = 100 GB data

Only 10% of data bundle is valid in the EU, for this reason there is no free roaming included.


T- Mobile offers a prepaid sim card for already 5 ZL ($1,30) with 1GB data only + unlimited calls and sms in Europe for 5 days. There are also two more prepaid sim card packages:

  • 25 ZL ($6,70) = 20 GB* data in Poland for 30 days.
  • 30 ZL ($8,00) = 30 GB* data in Poland for 30 days.

*only 2.71 GB is valid for EU roaming.


This sim card costs 5 ZL ($1,30) with 6 GB data and unlimited calls/sms in Poland valid for 15 days, it’s a very convenient provider.

Plus offers :

  • 25 ZL ($6,70) = 10 GB data in Poland
  • 30 ZL ($8,00) = 15 GB data in Poland
  • 50 ZL (13,40) = 25 GB data in Poland


With the smallest 4G network Play offers:

  • 25 ZL ($6,70) = 10 GB data in Poland for 30 days.
  • 30 ZL ($8,00) = 15 GB data in Poland for 30 days.
  • 35 ZL ($8,00) = Unlimited GB (20 GB full speed) data in Poland for 30 days.

The Play prepaid sim cards come with unlimited calls/sms in Europe, data only valid in Poland.

We hope this article helped you to get orientation in the Polish mobile market. Good luck and have a pleasant stay in Poland!