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Phone connection helps us to do a lot of things in our life; business issues or private matters, all are solved with the help of a phone. However, when moving to another country it might be very difficult to choose a mobile operator. With this article we will facilitate this arduous task. We will expose the most striking and practical offers for you.

What operator do I choose?

Before start, it’s worth to note that, when buying a sim, you buy a basic tariff called
“starter.” These starters are almost similar from each mobile operator. What we will do is present you with the most profitable packages, which will save you money, as soon as you start calling at least 10 times a month:

There are no more excuses for not being connected


PLN 20 per month: unlimited calls and SMS in Poland.
PLN 25: unlimited calls and SMS in Poland and 20 GB of traffic.
PLN 30: unlimited calls and SMSes in Poland, 15 GB of traffic and a package of 100 minutes of calling, 50 SMSes and 500 MB of data in EU.

Moreover, the following contract plans are available:

PLN 30: unlimited calls inside the whole EU, PLN 0.19 for SMS/MMS and 5 GB of data available also in all EU countries.
PLN 50: SMS/MMSes become unlimited, 10 GB of data, plus, you will get a package of TV channels and 3-month subscription to TIDAL music service.
PLN 60: in contradistinction to the previous one, gives 30 GB and 6 months of subscription to TIDAL.


PLN 25: unlimited calls and SMS in Poland and 15 GB of traffic, including 2.09 GB available in other EU countries. If you replenish your account before the end of the period, the amount of GBs will increase by 1 GB each month up to 20 GB

Moreover, the following contract plans are available:

Contract plans are signed for a fixed period (usually 1 or 2 years). If you sign a contract, you will have to pay all sum up to the end, even if you will like to change the operator. So be careful while concluding agreements!

PLN 30: unlimited calls on any kind of devices in Poland and other EU countries. Internet traffic is 2 GB, which can also be used inside the EU. However, SMS/MMS will cost you PLN 0.20 both to Polish number and the one from any other EU country.
PLN 40 monthly: unlimited calls and SMS/MMS (Poland + EU), as well as 5 GB of traffic (limited on 3.34 GB in EU).
PLN 50: 10 GB. 100 minutes of calls to non-EU countries, USA and Canada.
PLN 70: plan differs from the previous one only in the amount of data – 20 GB
(5.84 GB in EU).


PLN 5 per 5 days – unlimited calls and SMS/MMS (Poland); unlimited data used for watching videos of certain internet services (e.g., YouTube and Netflix) and 1 GB of internet traffic additionally.

PLN 30 per month: all the same, except 10 GB of data.
PLN 25 per month: – you will get the same as in the previous package, however, without points regarding MMS and video.

T-Mobile’s contract plans:

PLN 30: unlimited calls (EU); PLN 0.20 for SMS/MMS and 2 GB of data (1 GB in EU).
PLN 40: unlimited package of SMS/MMS in EU and 5 GB in Poland.
PLN 50: unlimited package of SMS/MMS in EU and 5 GB in Poland.


PLN 20: unlimited calls in Poland, PLN 0.19 for SMS/MMS, 4 GB of data (available
20 days)
PLN 25: unlimited SMS/MMS in Poland and 10 GB of data.
PLN 30: unlimited SMS/MMS in EU and 2 GB of data.
PLN 50: unlimited SMS/MMS in EU and 12 GB of data.
PLN 70: unlimited SMS/MMS in EU, 12 GB of data and a sports channel.

Plush (don’t confuse with Plus!)

PLN 25: unlimited calls and SMS/MMSes, 10 GB of traffic, which increase by the time, 10 GB of video from YouTube, unlimited data on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as HBO subscription for 2 months.
PLN 20: unlimited calls only.
PLN 10: only unlimited SMSes.

Please note that the offers change from time to time, so by the day of reading this article, it could be different.

We hope this article helped you to get orientation in the Polish mobile market. Good luck and welcome to Poland!



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