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How to move in Katowice

Katowice has a good system of trams and buses that gets residents around the city and the surrounding towns, which are now all part of the Silesian Metropolis. The public transportation system in the metropolis is run by the ZTM company. The schedule for the transportation system can be found at every bus or tram stop, and also on two different mobile apps (Jakdojade and moBiLET). The schedules can also be found on google maps to offer more convenience for people who are new to the area and have not yet downloaded the mobile apps.

Tickets for buses and trams can be purchased at the ZTM office in the centre of Katowice (ul. Pocztowa 11) and also at the various main stations in various the towns. Tickets can also be bought online on the ZTM website and also on the two mobile apps mentioned earlier (Jakdojade and mobilet) for as low as 3zl and 1,5zl for younger users and students or people who qualify for a discount. The prices may differ depending on the direction of the particular trip as trips to other towns in the Metropolitan area may cost a bit more. There is also the option of an urban travel card that can be purchased at the ZTM office which allows for a 7-day travel pass for 44zl and 22zl for younger users and students or people who qualify for a discount. 
In addition to the busses and trams, there are also bicycles and scooters available all around the town and can be hired with the use of the apps. (nextbike for the bicycles and blinkee for the scooters). 
There are also ride hailing services like uber and freenow that are available all over town and at all hours. 
ZTM website: https://rj.metropoliaztm.pl/