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International Interview with Diego Becerra

Being an international citizen in a foreign country is not always a simple journey. Although, knowing the experiences and knowledge from the international community already living in this place allow us to broad our perception of the city and will give us also another opportunity to understand better the place in which we just arrive or plan to stablish.  The people that have been around is full of advice and experiences that are helpful in the journey of stablishing in a new place.

For this reason, today we bring to you an interview with an International in Katowice, Diego Becerra. A Colombian that arrived in this new country Poland full of dreams and with the desire of building a brand new and comfortable future. Fanatic of football and captain and leader of the National team of Colombia in the Internationals Katowice World Cup 2021, has allowed us to get to know him better and to share all his experiences of living in a new city and country for our international community.

Below isthe chat we had with him:

       Hello Diego, we are very happy to have you here with us conceding this interview, we know and understand the passion that motivates you for football as you have shown in the World Cup, yet we would like to understand the feeling of representing your country in the Katowice Internationals World Cup?

Hi Andres, sure, actually being part of this amazing tournament is a pretty emotional moment that we feel being here, and more if it is about representing our countries, since we are far away from them, this is a very special moment for us because we try to group all the Colombians that are going to be our teammates and create a very good environment not only in the pitch but also outside. So, we are enjoying these moments, as soon as we finish the tournament, we are looking forward for the next one to collect more people and have more moments together.

      Perfect, thank you for that, is awesome, for us is also important to have people representing their countries from all over the world. The next question is what are the differences and similarities between your country in your case Colombia and Poland and how the people feel about football?


  –     Well, actually it doesn’t matter the nationality for all the people who enjoy football, is a very special feeling for everyone, we as Colombians and people from Poland are not apart from this feeling, so it is pretty good to meet people that enjoy it as much as you do, for this reason whenever we are on the pitch we will feel we are brothers and we know each other since a long time, it creates a good environment and allows you to make friends who will be for whole life.


        Thanks, now, besides the part of the World Cup and your experience in this event, we also would like to know more about Diego Becerra, we have prepared the other stage of the interview with questions related to your experience as an international here in Katowice. The first question is to get to know you better, we would like to know what is Diego Becerra doing in Poland? What is your perception of the city, and how your activities (Studies/Job) helped you to stablish here in Katowice?


      Sure, I arrived at Poland as a student, I came here looking for new opportunities more specifically job opportunities. I studied my master’s degree in dabrowa gornicza, that was my main objective here, after that I started working in multiple companies that allowed me to gather job experience in this country, and I am linked to football as well playing with a football team in Katowice, and this has been my life here in Poland since I arrived two years ago.


       That’s so nice and impressive, having this information, I would like to know for you what are the main tips that every international should know to achieve their objectives here in the city and that they will be able to succeed? As you mentioned you have been here for two years and you already finish your studies, have job experience and you are linked to football, that should have given you many experiences allowing you to provide these tips to help the people that is coming looking for some opportunities.


       Okay, sure, well the main thing is about to be perseverant, because some times at the first months will be the hardest ones, since you might be expecting something and you will not achieve that at the first time, for example if you do not find a job fast, you will be feeling disappointed or sad, and that happened to me, but I was perseverant and I had in mind that I will achieve my objectives soon in any moment, so this is a very important aspect to take into account, as well as be passionate, look after your goals, work hard and learn all the time, I learned about everything, about languages, learn new things, for example if you are in management field you can learn from different field like I.T that will wide your knowledge about everything and in this case you will be able to work with a company not necessarily a company related to what you have studied. So basically, hard work, perseverance and keep learning.


       Perfect, awesome, we would also like to know what aspect about your culture do you miss and what is something new about the polish culture that is different from your home country?


       Basically, what I miss the most is the warm aspect of the people of Colombia, here Polish people are not that open to make new friends and talk sometimes, so this aspect is one of the most that I miss from my country. Also, food which is important and is really tasty in Colombia, but apart of this there is nothing I can complain about or make any difference between Colombia and Poland, because as well polish people as they are not really “warm” they are honest people and really kind, and if you need anything from them, they will be really happy.

  –    Perfect, thank you for sharing this, talking about the people here and the city, what is the main attraction for you about Katowice and how do you feel about the creation and preparation of the city to hold events focused on the international community?

– Well, I think the main attraction for me is to have many things to do with an affordable price, Poland is not expensive compared to another European countries, so it is really good to have a lot of events and places to go here. Regarding Katowice as a city to hold international events, I find it good, the city will be more attractive to international people and will allow the people here to meet more people and get to know more cultures that will allow them to learn more about the world.

  Perfect, do you think the infrastructure of the city, the places where these events can be hold, is good?

      I would say yes, here are some places that have hold really great events such as the international Spodek that has hold important events such as the European volleyball tournament which is an important tournament in Europe, also it has held concerts some events including last week there was an international event about economic and the environment in the city which is good for the city and for the citizens since it will attract companies and will also create more opportunities for us.

       Thank you, we also know that internationals can experience some difficulties when we move to a new city, so we would like to know what were the difficulties experienced during your stay in the city and in Poland and how where you able to overcome them and let yourself to continue here?

      Actually, I would say the main obstacle that I have experience is the language, polish language is very difficult, for me is hard to stablish a conversation with a person since I will need the language and I am not able to speak it yet, but they way of facing this is that now I am trying to learn the language I am having some lessons and try to talk with natives since I would like to communicate with all the people

       Perfect, yet do you think that not knowing the language has represented any obstacle for you to not develop your self as a citizen in Katowice or you would be able to live here with your native language or with English.

        Well, since my plans are to stay here, yes, it is an obstacle since in my daily basis I need to speak with people that does not speak English so is not enough to just live with English here I need to learn Polish as well, if I do so I will be completely a citizen of Katowice.

       Perfect, now we have already discussed what do you miss about your country, yet what are the main similarities that you have found between your home city, in your case Ibague and the city where you are living that is Katowice?

      Similarities, I would say that the city is almost the same size, the population is quite similar as well, I feel that I have everything close and affordable here in Katowice and I felt the same in my city Ibague. I feel as comfortable as I was feeling there, I find this good and that’s why I feel comfortable living here in Katowice.

        Perfect, what about the people and the infrastructure of the city?

       Well, the infrastructure is not similar, in Colombia we do not have this kind of architecture, there are like more buildings here, the transport system is so different we do not have trams, or connectivity that Katowice has, yet we have our transport system. They are some aspects in which I think Katowice is going above my city, mainly in economic terms, and the culture is different, here you do not feel in danger, people here is more decent and honest.

         Perfect, thank you, what about the food, do you find the dishes in Poland different from your home country? And what is your favorite dish from Katowice or from Poland?

       Yes, I think there is a big difference in my opinion, I have been used to eat very differently food than here, I have not been able to find anything similar like what you can prepare in my city, I have had to go to for example Warsaw to taste Colombian food, since here I can not find it. And about my favorite dish I would say is a soup called “Barszcz” which I think is the best in Poland.

       Great, now the final question, what are your plans? Are you planning to stay here and continue being part of the community? Also, we would like to have some words from you for the people that is planning to come to Katowice or even to Poland.

       Well, considering my experience here, my future is to stay here, I do not know how long I will be here but for sure in the midterm I will be here and sharing my experience with the international people and helping them if they need. I will be also linked to football and sharing this with my colleagues and everyone who can play with me, everyone who knows me knows that I really enjoy playing football and this is an important aspect for me and I will try to express this to the community, as I have been trying to do all the time when I meet new people my first question is always if they play football so I will be part of the community in this sport, and I will share my experience and will be glad to see new people to come here to Katowice.

        Perfect, thank you so much, would you invite people to come to Katowice?

        For sure, I invite everyone to come here is a really nice place to meet new people, to start a job career, is a really nice place to develop as a person as a sportsman and sportswoman.

        Perfect, thank you so much Diego for this interview we are glad to have you here.

        No, no problem thanks you for having me.