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Katowice, the main city of Upper Silesia, ranks as one of the best places for Silesian and Polish gastronomy. Due to the improvement that the city has experienced in recent years, rowing exponentially and receiving huge foreign influence from all over the world, we can find all kinds of gastronomy and trends in the whole area too, for example: international cuisines, including specialties from all continents and, of course, vegetarian and vegan options open to all tastes. In this article we will focus on Italian cuisine, indicating the main places in which to taste this delicious dishes. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions!

Via Toscana Restaurant & Cafe

“Chief’s favorites consists of meals of Mediterranean cuisine based on ingredients and delicacies brought directly from Italy, Spain and Greece. Our chef eagerly fulfils individual expectations of customers who may express their personal wishes and preferences on the spot. You can be surprised by a large variety of seafood, fish, meat, vegetarian dishes, pasta and salads. We also offer home-made cakes and desserts. In our restaurant you can taste wines from all over the world including excellent Tuscan wines.”

More at: https://www.viatoscana.pl/


“Basiliana has been a must-see on the culinary map of Katowice since 2014. Italian cuisine is our passion, which is why we prepare dishes for you with pleasure and commitment, among which our beloved pizza reigns. Basiliana is a place that we create together with you, so we are glad that your group is constantly growing and you appreciate the heart we put into our work.”

More at: http://www.basiliana.pl/


Len Arte

“The first real Italian pizzeria in Katowice with a wood-fired oven, Italian chefs and original, personally imported Italian ingredients. Annually awarded in culinary guides, it has been operating continuously on the famous Mariacka Street since 2011. It has become a permanent element of Katowice’s landscape.”

More at: https://www.lenarte.pl/

La Cantina

“Dear guests, we invite you to discover the extraordinary atmosphere of Mediterranean cuisine served in a unique, original and inimitable way in the La Cantina Restaurant. We have been sharing our culinary passion with you for almost 20 years. Our dishes are the essence of the southern flavor, they are a paradise for the senses: diverse, light and healthy. We always prepare our dishes from scratch, using carefully selected, the freshest ingredients: meat, fish, pasta, cheese, vegetables and fruit, decorated with the aroma of herbs and the rich flavor of spices.”

More at: https://la-cantina.pl/


La Squadra

“Sports and classic cars and a collection of automotive souvenirs are a beautiful shell, but there is something better behind it – an Italian restaurant with a unique, relaxed atmosphere and delicious food. […] These are the flavors we want to share with you at La Squadra Ristorante. We know that it is impossible to create a true Italian taste of a dish without the highest quality products. That is why the base of the entire menu is cheese, cold cuts, tomatoes, olive oil and wines imported from Italy. The intense yellow color of the cream in tiramisu is due to eggs imported straight from Italy.”

More at: http://lasquadra.pl/

Rimini Pizza

We are the first pizzeria in Katowice that bakes pizza in a wood-fired oven! All gourmets of traditional Italian pizza are invited to a unique place in Katowice, where you can try a pizza baked in a beech wood oven. Thanks to this, as well as the highest quality Italian products, our pizza is crispy, crispy and aromatic. We also offer pastes, salads, panini, starters and soups based on unique products with DOP certificates of authenticity.”

More at: https://www.riminipizza.pl/

Vera Napoli

“The first Neapolitan Pizzeria in Katowice! A pizza matured for at least 24 hours. Strictly prepared with Neapolitan flours in a wood oven.”

More at: http://www.veranapoli.pl/

Pizza z Pieca

“Our specialty is original, classic Italian pizza baked in a traditional way in a wood- fired oven. Carefully selected, the highest quality 100% Italian ingredients will make them feel like in sunny Italy. A pizzeria offering its guests a pizza based on classic Italian dough. We also recommend excellent quality Czech beer from the Bernard family brewery. Zapraszamy!”

More at: https://www.facebook.com/pizzazpiecakatowice/

La Vineria

“In 2013, the small, atmospheric La Vineria cafe turned into a restaurant/bistro with an equally atmospheric, unique character. The chef’s talent and passion for cooking make the dishes pleasing to the eye with their sophistication, and the taste will appeal to the tastes of even the most demanding customers. The unique taste of the dishes, combined with the exquisite wine and the sweetness of delicious desserts, is a real feast for the palate.”

More at: https://lavineria.pl/

La Tavola

“Imagine a whole team of people united by one passion. Passion for Italian cuisine. For two chefs – an Italian and a Pole, add a pinch of flavors from a trip to many regions of the Apennine Peninsula, a sense of selection of ingredients and the utmost care for guests. Spice it all up with excellent interior architecture and beautiful design. Combine with an Italian delicatessen and finally decorate with a large oak table, a place to talk and meet. We present a new restaurant and cafe in the heart of the Bażantowo estate. La Tavola restaurant, or simply the Table!”

More at: https://latavola.pl/