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Polish in the second most widely spoken Slavic language, with 55 million native speakers. If you’re new in Poland or you just want to learn a new language, while certainly being quite difficult, Polish can be your best bet to gain easy access to other trickier languages, such as the ones using the cyrillic alphabet, thanks to its use of latin letters. Learning Polish will also help you understand the local culture and rich literature, so if you’re new here and want to study Polish in Katowice, here are the best schools in the region!

Cześć Polish School

We focus on individual classes and small groups, allowing us to offer flexible timetable and adjusted level. You don’t have time for group classes? You travel a lot? Try our Skype lessons! We organise special courses preparing for certificates issued by the State Commission for Certifying the Knowledge of Polish as a Foreign Language.

More at: https://czesc-polish.pl/

My Polish

Let me invite you to the wonderful world of the Polish language! Come and meet me and a tried-and-tested learning method. Talk with me and learn Polish in an easy and friendly way, communicating what you think is important and interesting. Professional Polish lessons online for an affordable price. Join me!”

More at: https://www.mypolishcourse.com/


Spoko Polish

We strive to shift the way Polish is taught as a foreign language. We are inclusive, anti-discriminatory and develop our own ways of teaching contemporary Polish, drawing on various teaching methods and adhering directly to CEFR language level definitions. Through our friendly learning environment and a variety of modern methods that draw on the pleasure and satisfaction students gain through learning new skills, we enable our students to achieve sustained progress and develop the skills and confidence to interact in Polish.”

More at: https://spokopolish.pl/


“PROFI’s method is an original method created upon the years of our experts’ experience within the teaching of foreign languages, combining the most effective elements of communicative method, natural method, and full immersion method, as much as the dual method (classes held by interchangeably polish teachers and native speakers). Since nowadays a foreign language proficiency is considered a key ability, our method aims at not only developing the language, but also supporting the student in his self-improvement and development of networking, cooperating within a team, carrying out a discussion, negotiating, gathering information autonomously and solving the problems while thinking out of the box.”

More at: https://www.profi-lingua.pl/



Our philosophy are small places where you can find new friends and learn. School where you can talk with teachers and ask about more materials and tests. We build a place you will feel at home and a place where you will speak polish.

More at: https://polishlanguage.pl/katowice/

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