Eat in Katowice

Katowice, the main city in Upper Silesia, stands as one of the best spots for Silesian and polish gastronomy. Due to the improvement that the city has experienced in the last few years, rowing exponentially and receiving a huge  foreign influence from all over the globe, we can find all sorts of gastronomy and trends all around the area as well, for instance: international cuisines (Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, among others), including all continents’ specialties and, of course, vegetarian and vegan options open for all kinds of tastes.

International gastronomy

All along the twenty two different districts that make up the whole city’s area, we can find many different restaurants, cafés and places to have the best culinary experience. Starting from the center of the city we can start our journey from Aïoli, right in Rynek, the heart of the city. Here you can find a nice variety of dishes for an affordable price during the week, as long as you order it together with a coffee. 3 Siostry is another option either for bagels or cakes in this case, and Synergia for a good coffee in the morning. For lunch the offer is unlimited. Starting from Polish or Silesian traditional food you can get one of the best ones in Żurownia, for the typical regional dish called Kluski Śląskie, or the famous Polish dumplings, in a huge variety of ways, at Pierogi Świata in the well-known
Jagiellońska Street. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner from several countries

If you are looking for an international eating experience, you can get to the Italians Len Arte, Basiliana or the Mexican spot called El Mexicano, all located in the famous Mariacka Street. 

For those Japanese lovers some fantastic options are Oh My Ramen in Pocztowa 10, Sakana Sushi Bar or Kyoto Sushi. Hungarian cuisine is present at Zaklęty Czardasz or Armenian and Georgian in Granat, among many other kinds of cuisines all over the city center. For those who want vegetarian or vegan offer, in the heart of the city is located Bujna with only vegan dishes, or Złoty Osioł with a big offer as well, among other vegan-friendly locations.

One must stop for Polish history wonderers, in Nikiszowiec district. Built originally for mine workers and their families in the early XX century, and now converted into a fantastic touristic area. It is composed by nine different open brick buildings with inner garden and a neo-baroque church. Here you can find one of the best spots in the city, Śląska Prohibicja where you can have the best Silesian food and fusion cuisine. Then in the heart of the district Cafe Byfyj for a cake and a coffee is also recommendable after having a visit around this beautiful district.

Moving back to the city center, very nice places for afternoon coffee are Kafej, or Bez Cukru for those who don’t like sugar, both near the famous Spodek; and for a drinking offer, it’s needed to stop in two places for Craft and local beer: Absurdalna, near Mariacka Street, and Biała Małpa in 3 Maja Street, with plenty of different beers. Later we could find need for a place to eat while listening to good music. Jazz Club Hipnoza with some live concerts often is a great option for it, along with almost the whole Mariacka Street, Mr. Kredens and Drzwi Zwane Koniem really close to it as well.

Last two must visits for a great dinner are: Stare Nowe and Tatiana, combining traditional Polish food with some international dishes.

The city offers plenty of places as you can see. But not only these ones, as there are much more unique places where you can have an amazing experience while discovering, not only Silesian or Polish food, but also dishes from all over the world, combining with fusion and modern cuisine as well. Don’t miss the opportunity and the wide variety of gastronomy in the Silesian capital, Katowice.


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