Katowice Internationals Foundation


The best periods to visit Katowice are spring and summer: the weather changes very quickly and the cold of winter is very harsh. From spring, on the other hand, you can enjoy a milder temperature that favors long walks to explore this fantastic city.

Muzeum Slaskie

Between history, culture, sport, the old and the new, in Katowice there are several places to visit: Among the things to see there is a museum and a reference point for the historical identity of the whole of Silesia:
the Muzeum Slaskie . It tells the story of the city and its territory, from its origins to the present day, through numerous archaeological finds. There is a permanent collection of History which describes in detail, through documents and images, the events that led Silesia to break free from Germany in the early decades of the twentieth century.


The Nikiszowiec district, built between 1908 and 1918 and intended for the families of miners employed in the nearby Kopalnia Węgla Kamiennego Wieczorek coal mine. It is famous for its red brick apartments, completed in 1912 as part of planned workers’ properties. The area, built to be completely self-sufficient, includes gardens, shops and schools. The Baroque St. Anne’s Church features tiled domes and a decorated pipe organ, while replicas of typical Katowice miners’ homes are exhibited at the ethnographic museum of industry.


Among the gems not to be missed in Katowice, the famous flying saucer cannot be excluded. It is called Spodek and it is not a real UFO, but a building that hosts events of various kinds, from concerts to sporting events. And, without a doubt, it is one of the hallmarks of the city.

Katowice Cathedral

Katowice Cathedral, famous because Pope John Paul II went there to pray, is one of the most beautiful monuments in the city. It is a construction from the early twentieth century and a very important pilgrimage site for Poles: superb, imposing, sober and majestic.